Bachelor's thesis

Investigation of memory effects in hybrid perovskites via high pressure techniques

Organic-Inorganic Frameworks


3-dimensional organic-inorganic perovskite frameworks are shown to be very efficient in photovoltaic applications. Therefore, the fundamental properties and the interaction between different subunits are in extensive investigation. One of the intriguing properties of the hybrid perovskites is the observed structural memory effects under an external pressure. High pressure Xray studies revealed that these materials are amorphized under pressure; however they can return to their initial conditions when the pressure is released.
This project aims to investigate the role of the organic molecules in this amorphization process. Infrared spectroscopy in middle infrared energy range can directly probe the vibrational features of the organic molecules and the changes under an external tuning parameter can directly be observed. High pressure infrared studies at room temperature with diamond anvil cells are planned, where the room temperature phase transitions and amorphization under high pressure (up to 5 GPa) will be investigated upon compression and decompression processes.


High Pressure Infrared Measurements, Organic-Inorganic frameworks

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Ece Uykur

Hybrid Perovskites

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