New paper published in Physical Review Letters: Spin-Reorientation-Induced Band Gap in Fe3Sn2: Optical Signatures of Weyl Nodes

August 17, 2020

Results of international collaboration between PI1 and colleagues from Renmin University of China, Beijing. Published in Physical Review Letters

Temperature- and frequency-dependent infrared spectroscopy identifies two contributions to the electronic properties of the magnetic kagome metal Fe3Sn2 : two-dimensional Dirac fermions and strongly correlated flat bands. The interband transitions within the linearly dispersing Dirac bands appear as a two-step feature along with a very narrow Drude component due to intraband contribution. Low-lying absorption features indicate flat bands with multiple van Hove singularities. Localized charge carriers are seen as a Drude peak shifted to finite frequencies. The spectral weight is redistributed when the spins are reoriented at low temperatures; a sharp mode appears suggesting the opening of a gap due to the spin reorientation as the sign of additional Weyl nodes in the system.

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