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28.05.2024 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar
Cenk Beydeda (PI1)
"Thin-film limit of superconducting transmision lines"

29.05.2024(!) 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar
Rüdiger Klingeler (Universität Heidelberg)
"Uniaxial pressure effects, low-energy magnon excitations & quantum criticality in 2D magnets"

04.06.2024 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar
Philipp Rosenzweig (Physikalisches Inistitut, Universität Stuttgart)
"Intercalation of epitaxial graphene: Extreme doping towards correlated phases & two-dimensional band structures under cover"

04.06.2024 16:15 Physikalisches Kolloquium
Henning Sirringhaus (University of Cambridge)
"Charge transport and thermoelectric physics of conjugated polymers at ultrahigh charge densities"

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