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3.11.2020, 16:15; Physikalisches Kolloquium; Online-Vortragsreihe
Jérôme Faist, ETH Zürich
Quantum limited measurements of broadband electric fields in the terahertz


Physics Colloquia Winter 2020-21


27.10.2020        PI1 Institutsseminar   
13:00    Lena Majer    (PI1)           
ESR measurements on organic spin chains 
13:50   Nico Beisig, Christian Rupp               
Block-FP: Spectroscopic Investigation of 1T-TaS2

29.10.2020       PI1 Institutsseminar   
13:00    Frederik Bolle    (PI1)           
Infrared investigations on Kagome antiferromagnet FeSn 
13:30     Marc Steigleder    (PI1)           
Kerr rotation measurements
03.11.2020    PI1 Institutsseminar   
13:00 Konstantin Nikolaou    (PI1)           
Characterization and coupling of superconducting multi-mode microwave resonators
13:30 Jens Jakschik    (PI1)           
Optical properties of indium tin oxide

05.11.2020        PI1 Institutsseminar   
13:00  Valentino Merkel    (PI1)           
Dielectric and infrared investigation of hybrid perovskites 
13:30 Berina Klis    (PI1)           
Memory effects of hybrid perovskites




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