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Natanja Elliger, B.Sc. cand., Group Dr. Uykur


20.04.2021    13:00    PI1 Institutsseminar (online)
Sascha Polatkan (PI1)
Topological Materials - DFT Studies and Experiments

20.04.2021, 16:15, Physikalisches Kolloquium
Yuji Matsuda, Univ Kyoto
Majorana fermions and half-integer thermal quantum Hall effect in a quantum magnet

27.04.2021    13:00    PI1 Institutsseminar (online)    
Mohit Chandra (UGC DAE Consortium for Scientific Research)
Evidence of Multiferroicity and Magnetoelastic Coupling in alpha-Mn2O3

NEW! Open PhD Positions

Optical Investigations of Metal-Insulator-Transitions 
Contact: B. Gompf, M. Dressel
Keywords: Spectroscopic Ellipsometric Technique, First-order Phase Transition, Müller Matrix Metrology
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Agnieszka Cienkowska-Schmidt

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