New at the Institute:

Konstantin Nikolaou, B.Sc. cand. 
Project: Properties of Indium oxide


Maurice Schamber, B.Sc. cand. 
Project: Ellipsometry
(Photo will still be published)


16.06.2020 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar (online via Webex)
Björn Miksch (PI1)
Electron spin resonance investigations on organic spin liquid compounds

23.06.2020 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar (online via Webex)
Yuk Tai Chan (PI1)
Dielectric spectroscopy under high pressure: iron-ladder and hybrid perovskite compounds


Starting on April, 20 our lectures and courses will be offered online!

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Agnieszka  Cienkowska-Schmidt

Agnieszka Cienkowska-Schmidt

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