Completed PhD Theses at PI1

Chronological list of PhD theses and Links to OPUS - Online Publications of the University of Stuttgart
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Dr. Björn Miksch
Dr. Nikolaj Ebersperger
Dr. Anderas Baumgartner

Completed PhD Theses until 2017

Dr. Uwe Pracht: Electrodynamics of quantum-critical conductors and superconductors
Dr. David Neubauer: Optical and magneto-optical investigations on 3D Dirac- and Weyl-semimetals
Dr. Andrej Pustogow: Unveiling electronic correlations in layered molecular conductors by optical spectroscopy 

Dr. Tobias Peterseim: Organic conductors in equilibrium and nonequilibrium states: the interaction with electric and light pulses
Dr. Stefano De Zuani: Spectroscopic investigation of metallic noanostructures towards percolation
Dr. Junfeng Wang: Synthesis, magnetism and organisation of molecular coordination compounds for molecular spintronics
Dr. Eric Heintze: Optical control of molecular high spin stats via spin-forbidden transitions
Dr. Tim Preukschat: Entwicklung eines photoakustischen Sensors für Atemluftanalysen

Dr. Christian Cervetti: Spin interactions in graphene-single molecule magnets hybrid materials
Dr. Sabrina Haas: Far-infrared spectroscopy of lanthanide-based molecular magnetic materials
Dr. Sina Zapf: Optical and magnetization studies on europium based iron pnictides
Dr. Conrad Clauß: On-chip broadband magnetic resonance spectroscopy down to ultralow temperatures 
Dr. Katrin Steinberg: Breitbandige Mikrowellenspektroskopie an UNi2Al
Dr. Christian Stehle: Far-infrared spectroscopy on proteins. Bringing together experiments, simulations and theory
Dr. Julia Braun: Polarisationsoptische Eigenschaften nanostrukturierter Metallfilme
Dr. Martin Hövel: Elektrodynamik dünner Metallfilme am Isolator-Metall-Übergang
Dr. Stefan Kaiser: Interplay of charge order and superconductivity . Optical properties of quarter-filled two dimensional organic conductors and superconductors
Dr. Fadi El-Hallak: Magnetic anisotropy of molecural nanomagnets
Dr. Stephan Martens:
Untersuchungen zur Erzeugung und Charakterisierung von kontinuierlicher THz-Strahlung
Dr. Christoph Schlegel: Oquantum coherence in molecular magnets
Dr. Shadi Yasin: Electron spin resonance in low-dimensional spin chains and metals
Dr. Tobby Brandt: Optische Leithäfigkeit dünner Goldfilme im infratoren Spektralbereich
Dr. habil. Joris van Slageren: Frequency-domain magnetic resonance spectroscopy in molecular magnets
Dr. Matthias Fischer: Elektrische und optische Transportmessungen an einkristallinen organischen Feldeffekt-Transistoren
Dr. Daniel Faltermeier: Ellipsometrie an organischen Dünnfilmen und Einsristallen zur Bestimmung der optischen und strukturellen Eigenschaften
Dr. Nadejda Kirchner: Analysis of magnetic excitations in molecular nanomagnets
Dr. Soltan Soltan: Interaction of superconductivity and ferromagnetismin YBCO/LCMO heterostructures
Dr. Adriana Matei: Optical investigations of biological samples in far infrared
Dr. Belal Salameh:
Electron spin resonance investigations of organic spin chains and two-dimensional organic conductors
Dr. Suriyakan Vongtragool: Frequency-domain magnetic resonance spectroscopy on Mn12-acetate molecular magnet
Dr. Philipp Haas: Optische Eigenschaften des Spinketten-Spinleiter-Systems (Sr, Ca, La)14Cu24O41
Dr. Marc Scheffler: Broadband microwave spectroscopy on correlated electrons
Dr. Jürgen Thoms: Hochfrequenzuntersuchungen an niedrigdimensionalen Supraleitern
Dr. Peter Weber: Spin-dependent transport and magnetic ordering in rare earth metals
Dr. Konstantin Pethukov: Microwave investigations of low-dimensional organic conductors
Dr. Stephan Mair: Entwicklung eines optischen Nahelf-Spektrometers im Terahertz-Bereich
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