Newly published in Physical Rev B: "Coexistence of charge order and superconductivity in organic compound". Congratulations!

April 30, 2019

In the all-organic paramagnetic correlated metal β′′(BEDTTTF)2SF5CH2CF2SO3 spin fluctuations can be ruled out as the glue to superconductivity below Tc=5.5 K.

Instead, we demonstrate the coupling of charge degrees of freedom to the superconducting state, which occurs adjacent to a charge-ordered insulating phase. A comparison to isostructural β′′(BEDTTTF)2SF5RSO3 compounds reveals that superconductivity is suppressed when the system is tuned away from the insulator towards the metal; an enhanced charge imbalance, on the other hand, leads to an increase in Tc, suggesting an involvement of charge fluctuations.

By locally probing the charge disproportionation through the superconducting transition, we discover slight modifications of the Fano coupling constant and intensity at Tc, indicating the effect of the paired electrons on the molecular vibrations.

Physical Rev B 99, 140509(R) (2019) Pustogow et al.

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