Tuning the phase transitions in organic-inorganic frameworks

Bachelor's thesis

Organic-Inorganic Frameworks


In recent years a renewed increasing interest developed towards the hybrid organic inorganic halide perovskites (HOIP) due to their remarkable qualities in photovoltaic applications. However, despite the increasing interest and the rapidly improving efficiency, a fundamental understanding of the microscopic origin of the observed properties in these materials is yet to be clarified. The investigation of the interaction between the organic and inorganic subunits and to clarify the role of the organic cations is necessary to discuss the observed efficiency in these materials.

The aim of this bachelor project is to perform dielectric spectroscopy measurements on series of ABX3 hybrid perovskites to investigate the role of the organic components in these materials. The organic cations possess permanent dipole moment. Therefore, a dynamic process that changes the orientation of these ions will contribute to the dielectric properties.

We plan to perform temperature dependent dielectric spectroscopy measurements between 4 – 300 K and 40 Hz - 10 MHz. These systematic measurements will allow us to resolve the importance of the organic components in the hybrid perovskites and have influence on the realization of other functional perovskites.


Dielectric measurements, perovskites, organic-inorganic frameworks

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Ece Uykur


Hybrid Perovskites

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Martin Dressel

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