Bachelor's thesis

Infrared spectroscopy studies on iron ladder compounds

Organic-Inorganic Frameworks

Recently a new class of ladder compounds with a new crystal structure is discovered. A2Fe3Ch2O3 (A: Ba, Sr; Ch: S, Se, Co) system show successive magnetic transitions and existence of spin and charge density waves are in discussion. Infrared spectroscopy method is shown to be a successful method to resolve the mentioned density wave properties. For instance spin density wave observed in iron pnictide high temperature superconductors and charge density wave discussed in spin ladder compounds are observed via infrared spectroscopy technique. 


We want to investigate the charge dynamics of this new class of ladder compounds via infrared spectroscopy technique. The directionality of the ladders in the compound suggests a strong anisotropy. Therefore, temperature and polarization dependent studies are planned.


Infrared Measurements

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Ece Uykur

Hybrid Perovskites

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