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11.12.2023 16:30  Materials Science Colloquium
Olivier Mentré, UCCS, University of Lille, France
“Mixed oxy-fluoride anionic sublattice : A strategy for magnetic layered perovskites”
Werner-Köster-Hörsaal, 2R4, MPI-IS

12.12.2023 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar
Marius Tochtermann, PI1 and PI3
"Microwave Field Imaging Of Superconducting Devices Using NV Centers In Diamond"

12.12.2023 16:15 Stuttgarter Physikalisches Kolloquium
Ioan Pop - Antrittsvorlesung
"Mesoscopic physics challenge (in) superconducting quantum devices"

14.12.2023 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar
Colin Geuder, Melvin Ruffner
"Block-FP: THz measurements on superconducting NbN thin films"

19.12.2023 13:00 PI1 Institutsseminar
Jan Hesselbarth, Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik
"Microwave dielectrics techniques"

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