Marc Scheffler named APS Outstanding Referee. Congratulation!

March 14, 2022

The American Physical Society (APS) recognizes efforts for high-quality peer review

The American Physical Society (APS) publishes several of the most important physics journals, which operate peer review procedure. There are around 82.000 reviewers currently active for the APS journals who voluntarily contribute to the success of peer-reviewed publishing in physics. Usually the names of these referees are not publicly known, as the regular reviewing of submitted manuscripts is performed with the reviewers’ names not being revealed to the authors. But every year APS explicitly appreciates the efforts of around 150 reviewers who “have been exceptionally helpful in assessing manuscripts for publication in the APS journals” by naming them “Outstanding Referee” as a lifetime award. In the 2022 round, Marc Scheffler of 1. Physikalisches Institut was recognized. He joins PI1 director Martin Dressel, who has been APS Outstanding Referee since 2009.


Link to more information on the APS Outstanding Referees Program


This image shows Marc Scheffler

Marc Scheffler


Head of the Microwave Lab

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