Bachelor's Thesis

Microwave Spectroscopy with Superconducting Stripline Resonators

Superconducting Resonators, Microwave Spectroscopy, Multiplexing, Cryogenics



Planar superconducting GHz resonators are a powerful tool for low-temperature microwave spectroscopy on various materials of interest. As one example we have demonstrated that stripline resonators are particularly helpful for the study of highly conductive materials, e.g. unconventional superconductors such as SrTiO3. In this project we want to implement a new design scheme that will allow operating several superconducting stripline resonators at the same time in one experiment. This will enable us to perform sample and reference measurements simultaneously, which will substantially enhance our experimental sensitivity. We will then apply this technique to various metallic und superconducting materials under study.

 (c) Schematic stripline resonator design that is presently used at low temperatures.  (M. Scheffler et al., J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 400,  052031 (2012).)
Marc Scheffler

Marc Scheffler

Head of the Microwave Lab

Martin Dressel
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Martin Dressel

Head of Institute

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